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end of respite



Just this weekend to go and Ray is back full-time into my care. And from second week in December it is full-time as that is when all the services disappear until the end of January. That is when all the helping hand agencies take a heap of time off. I guess that is because the volunteers are all old and the Christmas period is full on for them without all they do as volunteers adding to that busyness.


I have spent a lot more time with Mum, which has been really good. I do so feel I neglect her sometimes just squeezing visits into when I have the time. It has been good to be able to respond to her good days by spending longer with her and one day it was two hours as I was able to help her with lunch and then take her out in the wheelchair for an hour in the lovely gardens and she could hear the parrots in the trees and feel the breeze on her face. It will soon be too hot for that.


My time off has been a mixed blessing. I have caught up a bit the housework, sorted out a few things for Christmas, and washed a few curtains. I have bought most of the grandchildren


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Thanks for the update, Sue. You do sound more relaxed today so the respite has been helpful.


It seems odd when you describe your Christmas season. We are having snow here today. I have always associated snow with Christmas.


Keep the faith, dear. God is always in your corner.



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