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Sounds like Liz whom you tried to get rid of and she won't leave is the true friend for sure. I bet she is there for you in the end.


Welcome to Blog world, the more the merrier you'll be friends to many here for sure.

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Maybe Donna is feeling a little guilty about not inviting you and doesn't know how to apologize. You should just let things ride for awhile and see what happens.


You will make friends here. You can think of me as your friendly mentor. :)



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hi Su:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I think your friend used offense as part of defense. this is my opinion, since after stroke I realized life is too short to keep grudges. forgive her be bigger person here so forgive her & forget the episode. lot of normal people don't realize health crisis are so big o handle unless they get one.


BTW you are now one of our clan.




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I understand that people make mistakes, but at 38 aren't you responsible for your actions? Somewhere, even minutely, she thought that. I wouldn't hold a grudge but am really relutant to set myself up for another "fall".

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