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Been a while



I have not written in my blog for awhile because i have been pre-occupied. I have been doing a lot of geneaology research. To me it is really fascinating. I traced the Lyons Family back to at least pre American Revolution. I found at least 2 realatives that fought in the war. The most famous was Thomas Lyon (see picture in album). He was part of the Green Mountain Boys.

I also found several realatives from the Civil War. Most fought for the South, most of my family were bfrom Arkansas and Tennessee. I even found thier regiments. I also found what had been a family 'mystery'. I heard of a realative that was wounded and was returning home. There were all kinds of wild stories about him. I found out his name was James Tollette. He was indeed wounded in Georgia in 1864, and was returning home. However what really happened was he died at Washington, Arkansas, just a few miles from home. I also learnded a little more about my great great uncle Joseph Reed. He was also wounded, but he lived, although he had his arm amputated. He died when my father was very young, but he knew him as a little boy. He was really scared of him. I quess that would only be natural.

I have also have been spending time on Facebook, (Hi Lady K). I reacquainted with people I have not seen in many many years. However, Facebook does have some viruses that can screw up your computer.

Finally, relations with my current 'family', it has really gone downhill fast. I do not speak to them at all. It has become like 2 sides entrenched waiting for the final confrontation.

Late last week I read an article by an expert on Narcissism, and everything fell into place. The key part of the article is:" I described how such people form dangerous cults and end up ruining everything and everyone around them. " Even though that sounds really strange, but my brother has turned my family into his'cult'

Although, that sounds really strange, it is the only explanation that makes sense. no matter what he does, or what I say he did, they just make excuses; no matter how illogocical the excuse.


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Good to see you're well and just have been too busy to blog. Some interesting stuff about your pre American Revolution family. Researching that must be very intriguing, I'm sure you are enjoying it.

Hope Teddy is doing well. Please keep us updated with your fascinating findings.


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Oh yeah, Teddy is doing really good. He is loving the cool weather and just wanders around everywhere. He did get his nails clipped last Friday. It took 3 people to hold him down, but he needed it done.

I am letting him go outside by himself when it is too cold or snowy for me. One evening he just did not want to come back in. i had to go out and literally had to drag him back in. He was really mad at me for 2 days.

Yes, the research is very interesting. I traced my family back to the 1300's!h

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