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minor irritations



Asha did a post ages ago about whether something is a disaster or just a minor irritation. We


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You are a strong woman at heart I can imagine women without your wits and stamina could not do what you have done and still going strong. I've said before, "I don't see how you do it." I can't imagine my wife being that strong for that long, her patience's are very short.


My wife does all she can for me but I am happy the VA allowed in home care 3 days a week and now KT has been scheduled and I hope it helps me to go up and down my stairs better than I do now. I'm just going on 6 years while you been at this over 10 years. I praise you Sue.


I continue to commend you for caring for Ray in a wonderful manner then still make time for your mum. It's no way you could have time for you, there aren't enough hours left in the day. Care givers will always be first in my book cause without them a survivor can't survive.


We are having our first snow since I don't know when and the real low temps too. I know you must be glad mid summer is arriving there. Take care!



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Yes a change of scenery is a good thing. This is just one day. I take things one day at a time. I never know what is going to happen.


You really are a saint. Caretaking is such a demanding job. physically and mentally.


You have the best outlook on like.


Take care. Hugs for you.



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I know those minor irritation can bring you down emotionally. but by realizing this is just inconvienence we do seem to handle it better. you are doing great job in not sweating the small stuff anymore. I am reading this wonderful book happy for no reason & it has helped me a lot when I start to feel negative.




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I have a tip for the felt tip pen stains - soak the spot in milk. Paul used to forget to put the cap on his pen and a big black or blue spot would appear. I would pour some milk in a shallow bowl and soak the spot. It usually came out. Just make sure you soak it in milk before laundering. Hope this helps with one of your irritations.


As far as the absentee helper is concerned, definitely file a complaint. I pay Misti out of pocket, so if I have a complaint, I just say it to her in person. And I have very few complaints because she is a jewel.


As Fred said, I don't know how you do all that you do. Ray is very lucky to have you and I'm sure he knows that better than anyone.



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