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Plastic wrap



Do you have problems using a box of Glad wrap or

plastic wrap, pulling it out then ripping across the box

top without the whole role coming out of the box?

Well, I never stopped to read anything written on the

box, just start using the box? That's me to.

I took a few moments the other day and found

something interesting. Go pull you box out and take

the roll out of it's box now on each end you will find

perforations, put the roll back in the box depress the

perforation inward into the ends of the roll. Now use

your roll of plastic wrap. Pull a sheet and rip it off

and the roll stays in the box. :yikes: .


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hi jeannie, funny you should say that. i just discovered that not long ago on a show i was watching, never thought to read the box either. i can't tell you the number of times i went looking for the scissors. like duh, read the box, who knew it would be that easy. sometimes we make things harder on ourselves, huh

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