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whine, whine, moan, moan



I always feel so sorry for the third wife, the first wife gets the years of high energy and vigor, the second wife gets the middle income years and ends up with the money and the third wife gets the pain and suffering and learns the true meaning of:


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whine,whine,moan, moan back to you sue. bless your heart, it just never ends , does it. who cares about the windows, friends and family coming could care less about the windows, so push the thought aside and sit down with your feet up and take a breather. i bet ray doesn't even care about the windows either,LOL enjoy your holiday as best you can with your family and reflect on how far you and ray have come together. you got this far because of your love and dedication to ray. i hope you finally get some undisturbed sleep. i think you need it because you are whining and moaning. LOL i wish you and ray a very merry christmas and a healthy and happy new year. bless you both.



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