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I'll start by hope everyone's holidays treated them good. I don't get enthused

with holidays ever since I moved Georgia away from all of my family. Reason

for move was job transfer. Your parents are the nucleolus of family closeness.

Especially when mom passes on. Mom passed in 2001 from cancer, that was

the year I first stroked and didn't know it just lost my eyesight. So, holidays

are just another day in the year.

I have three siblings all older than I, and with families all in Ohio. My oldest

sisters son got remarried just after Christmas, they sent me pictures of the

beautiful day. It's nice to see my Nephew with his 10 year old son, a 5 year

old stepson and his beautiful new bride.

My oldest sister carries on tradition of a Christmas eve dinner and a New Years

day dinner with her kids. Also inviting my brother and his wife. It's the only

time of the year I call them and touch base with them all. My other sister

passed on from MS in the 90's.

Beside my one friend committed suicide, jumped off a bridge. He left a note

at his house. His sister might one day share it with us. I just have a hard time

accepting he could do this. I guess it is a lesson to me every thing on the outside

may look just fine, he lived in a modest home on a large parcel of land worth

$$$$. He had his own business, a appraisal. He was an advadit reader of sprirtual

books. May he rest in peace.

My friends parents that had strokes this year. T's mother was struck with a stroke

in November, she was 82 fighting to live.My friend T called me when it occurred

to ask me what should he expect. I gave him my knowledge of what I went threw

and what Carl went threw. Told him about this site and magazine sites.

Unfortunately she passed in early December.

Another friends father was struck with stroke. In the summer she went and stayed

with her mother hopping her father would return home. He was put in a rehab

facility. She returned home going on with her daily life. Until one day her mother

called notifying her of her fathers death. May he rest in peace.

I am 55 years old. In reading all the forums and blogs and see how young stroke

survivors are and when stroke hits. I don't know any statics but is seams people

over say 70's have a much smaller chance of being a survivor but I am rutting

for those to survive. Those that have had a stroke in childbirth I have never heard

of until on this site. WOW! :cheer: I'm cheering for all those struck with stroke and

as well as all caregivers.

I've lived in Georgia now 20 years. When at the first few years winters were warm.

I was able to just ware a sweater, as years gone bye it has gotten colder every year.

I see other people looking more like northers down south. We get snow scattered

on the ground, but at least I don't have to shovel it. But, we get the ice on the

ground, and wicked winds.

Bring on the warmer weather, my body accepts it much better and easier.









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