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Wayward Husband



I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since Don's stroke. It happened in May of 2000 and we're already gearing up to have another 'Thank God I'm Alive' party like we did on his 5th anniversary out. Wall washing is in progress. The guest list is on Don's mind and yesterday we made a trip to a party store specializing in bulk food to scope out prices. We'll invite about 60 people. After the store, we went to a local bookstore where my wheelchair bound, aphasic husband was so being so silly I was afraid he'd get us kicked out. If you want to read about the bookstore trip check out my blog entry at: Wayward Husband



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hey Jean:


so happy to see you blogging this new year. Happy New year to you and Don. Congratulations on Don's 10th anniversary. you both are blessings to countless people you meet and touch in your life's journey.




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Bookstore/coffee shop is a great place for a weekly outing. Your husband

is not a wayward husband having some freedom to have independence. My husband also has aphasia, post-stroke 3 years. When we are out at the coffee shop he will find someone and have a conversation. My Carl is not bound

to a wheelchair as your husband has a double whamie. But as I see it they

still have their humor. And his humor is what attracted me. He is still able

to make me laugh.Thank you for the great post.


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Hey Jean and Don,


I know, I know, it's hard to believe the years has gone by and we are still here recovering and getting older. Hello to Don and his antics, but you know that's Don's way of being a friend to people his way.


Congratulations to you both, I just passed 6 years on the 15TH and still recovering! Stop in sometimes!

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