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Mum's dying swan episode



I had a dying swan episode this morning. The morning was already going badly as Ray had had another


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I am sending you lot of virtual hugs. good days and bad days are all part of life. I pray you get lot of strength to get through this new trial in your life. I wish I was nearby to provide some respite to you. caregiving is not an easy job & defintely not for weak heart. I am amazed at your heart. after giving so much, you still have heart to give support to others.




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Sue my prayers I send to you, mum, and Ray. Good days or bad days is just

part of life. Keep that beautiful sparkle heart glistering threw out your days

journeys. Jeanniebean

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hi sue my prayers are with you and ray and your mom i am so sorry about the difficult that you are havingand may god bless you and gmake you comfortable

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Hi Sue, Sendiing prayers and warm hugs to you all.. You are such an Inspiration to me. You give so much, and with such Love & Heart. I try to think that we have to have some not so good, and some bad days.. or we wouldn't know the GOOD or really Great ones..


and.. you meet them all head on... and do appreciate the good ones, the beauty.. and circle of Life.. I am thinking of the songs from the Movie " Lion King"


Like Asha I wish I lived closer.. so I could pop in and sit with Ray, or have a "cuppa" or lunch with you. As with so many dear friends here.. we can only virtually reach out to you.


((((((((((((hugs)))))))) Bonnie

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Sue, you take my breath away. I dont know how you do it. You are such a caring woman. You really are an inspiration to All. I love reading your blogs. With all the negative that happens you always find something positive to share as well. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a lot more good days for you and yours.

A big <<<<<<<HUG>>>>>>>> for you.



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Hi Sue. You had me from the "dying swan act" line. My mom will be 90 in May and has "mixed dementias" and a 30 second short term memory. My husband had a stroke three years ago. We have a son in college and daughter in high school and two standard poodles. And I can't retire for another two years. I totally relate to the bathroom episode because around here it always seems to happen at 3 a.m.


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