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Entering the jump-rope game

Rose Smith


Starting a blog is just one part of entering the jump rope game.

My goal for 2010 is getting more into that jump rope game, I feel like I'm standing on the sidelines without the courage and get up and go to jump over the rope and get into the game. Reading other peoples blogs inspires me to give it a try. I'm almost a year and four months past stroke and I'm tired of my job being recovery only. if I could spend a little of each day working on my hand and a little of each day working on life that would be a huge improvement and I would feel a sense of accomplishment. My goal is to work again although I don't know in what capacity perhaps in the meantime I could do some volunteering and make a little bit of difference to someone out there. Perhaps the knowledge that I have you all out there will give me the push I need. certainly whatever I choose to do won't be nearly as hard or pitiful to watch as if I were really trying to to jump rope. It's an image that makes me smile.


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Volunteering will get you involved and engaged in other activities. I stroked in April of '07 and have been volunteering for several years. I didn't return to work so this has provided an opportunity to help others and to make new friends. You can do it...the first thing is to identify what interests you and where you want to devote some time and effort...then pick up the phone and make a call. Good luck.

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hi Rose:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I am glad you decided to jump in & play with us rather than staying in sidelines. I will promise you if you keep on playing this game you will see it will be hugely therupetic for you as well as people who read your blog. I have found out that for me volunteering gave me more than I gave it to.




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