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Enhanced billing svc.?



Looking over my bills, particular my land

phone bill. I glance over the charges on my phone bill

and it's always the same. When I went to pay it I

noticed a charge of $14.95 under Enhanced Bill Services.

So I inquire with the phone company and their answer is:

This is a third party billing you have to call the

number listed and get a conformation number for credit.

I called this other company information I found out what it

was for, was a answering service. They said

we ordered it on the internet. I instructed them that I did

not order this service and request a credit.

They were very nice and gave me a conformation number

and said I should see the credit on the next

billing cycle.

What urkes me is that a third party billing company of the

phone company is able to put charges on your

bill. The phone company doesn't double check to see if

you requested the service.


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We had that happen to us once, too. I pay pretty close attention now to all bills. It is amazing how it can be done and then we have to clean it up.

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At least somebody owned up to it and will give you due credit. I got a case with the electric company saying my bill doubled cause we had days of 18 degrees temps. I said BS, I spend days at the VA and my thermostat is set very low. We used the fireplace all of those cold nights.


Now today a man came out to change meters and give me credit on my bill.

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yes these companys have a way of adding charges to your bill, saying you ordered the service, EXCUSE ME, i did not, someone there ordered it to see if i would catch the charges on my bill. i just recently went through something like that on my texaco credit card, due to hard times i was put on a hardship plan to may a specific amount for 6months. i set up my payments myself, this past month they tripled the payment amount saying i set up the monthly payment for the amount due. I THINK NOT. i was on a special program and shouldn't have been billed that amount anyway and i never allow anyone into my bank account. so talking to them was useless but i requested a refund, but of coarse they could not do that. so they got their money anyway and took food from my table and they get away with it. no longer do they have my information on where my payments come from and i canceled any payments they set up. i might be brain damaged but i am not dumb. you have to watch these people continually. if i order something from a reputable company, i get a confirmation from them. to confirm what i ordered. i never open a credit card account with a bank that i have an account with. either. i go through my bills with a fine toothed comb anymore. phone bills are known to tach on charges we never agreed to. good for you jeannie for resolving your issue.

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