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My next round of chemo is scheduled for February 23 and if I can stay healthy, my final will be March 19. Just wanted to blog tonight about some of the unpleasant side effects (maybe just to get them off my mind):


1) Your nose drip, drip, drips all day once you lose your nostril hair. It's really more annoying than anything.

2) My chemo drip takes 6 hours...that's a lot of talking with the person who came with you, reading, and listening to music.

3) Day 3 and 4 after chemo seem to be the most difficult...that's when side effects begin happening.

4) The neulasta shot given within 24 hours after receiving your chemo (to increase white blood cell count) strikes me with bone pain on my stroke affected

side and has been very painful. The cost for each shot is $3,000 and I have a 20% percent co-pay (ouch).

5) Cancer is very expensive...co-pays on radiation, chemo, doctor visits, and etc.

6) I lost my hair on Day 12 after my first chemo. When it started coming out in clumps, I asked my daughter if I looked like Uncle Fester. I have some

fun wigs and hats.

7) I have lost over 20 pounds since the first of the year. You really do not have an appetite and the smell of some foods can cause you to gag.

8) Sores in the mouth from chemo begin a few days after you receive it and are there for about 7 more days...I do use non-alcoholic mouth wash

and another prescribed medicine.

9) There are so many pills associated with cancer and chemo that it scares me. The day before each chemo treatment I have to take 10 steroid pills. Of course, you are so wired the night before treatment that on my last round, I cleaned the refrigerator and freezer at 3 am. You take pills to combat neausea, stomach ailments, skin rashes, and etc.

10) Everyone gets it...it's either constipation or diarhea, and there are more pills for this.

11) My veins are holding up well. I elected not to have a port put in as this was another surgery and another co-pay.

12) No leg shaving, underarm shaving, and etc. as the hair goes away after the first chemo.

13) Fatigue associated with chemo....believe me, it's real.

14) When you go in on chemo day, you PRAY you will receive it. Whoever thought I would be asking for and praying for chemo. Once your blood work comes back, it is determined whether or not you will proceed. I am trying to stay healthy so I can get this over with.

15) There are so many doctor appointments. It will be nice when this is over to have a week without them.


And, I have met some of the nicest people on this cancer journey. I go to a Support Group each Tuesday night for folks in active breast cancer treatment and have made some nice friends. I have a good team of doctors and I love the oncology staff at the hospital.


I am praying that I beat breast cancer and can return to some sense of normalcy in life. I know it can happen as I came back from stroke in April of '07.

For the most part, I have a positive attitude...but there are a few days when you are vomiting, have bone pain, and etc. that it really can get to you.


Thanks for listening. I just felt like blogging tonight and sharing some of the experience.


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Stessie, thank you for sharing that. I have shared the journey of friends with different forms of cancer and none of it is nice. Some of these bouts of chemo have a happy ending, I hope and pray yours does.


Whatever happens in my life I think of you and others who have their own struggles and I tear up. Why is life so darned unfair in that good people go through so much bad stuff?


You are a wonderful woman and it is a privilege to know you.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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I'm praying you beat the cancer too and can get back to living with less pain and more hair as it grows back. Robin Roberts had a piece on cancer and hair loss about two maybe three weeks ago. It could still be on ABCNEWS.com then click GMA.


I didn't pay much attention to it cause my wife wears her hair shorter than mine but she wears the big earrings and it looks great to me and many others always give her compliments.


So you can be the same way for a while.

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hey Stessie:


you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I know it feels unfair to go through all bad things in life. but I know God is kind and he gives us all the strength to get through whatever life throws at us. I pray for your strength and courage to get through this hurdle in your life.




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Dear Stessie: I am sorry you have to go thru chemo. I have a close friend here who is goin thru the same thing and I know he side affects are awful. I will pray for you that this won't be as bad as the first bout and he end result is good. Bless you; I often wonder why we have to go thru bad things...a stroke is bad enough. I only can thing that God knows we are strong enough to hinder in order to pass hope on to someone else. I will be praying for you. You a beautiful child of God and God takes care of His children. Love, Leah

PS: The Lord is my shephard.

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I have been thinking about you as well as having you in my prayers. I know in my heart that you are going to get through this!! Keep up the positive attitude, as this, as stroke survivors know, is the key to success. Remember everyone is praying for you.

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Dear Stessie,

I had never thought of losing nasal hairs and the consequenes...drip..drip..drip. I always keep you my prayers. You are so sweet. Why do these things happen to such great people??? I am so glad that you have found a support group and met some wonderful people.

Thank you for sharing. I really did not know about your ordeal.



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Stessie, Bless Your Heart.. I really mean that. Thank You for sharing.. You have (and I am taking the "liscense" to speak for everyone here) our Love, Support, Well wishes. and If wishes could wish this away you will be cured.


Sending ((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))



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awww stessie , i wish i could take your pain away. you have endured so much. you have the spirit of a tiger who goes in for the kill)meds and chemo treatments) and come out with all the beauty of a true warrior. thankyou for sharing so much of your journey with us. i never thought about the nose hair and runny noses, LOL you still bring us humor too. well this is another journey in you

life that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, well maybe this one you would, huh,LOL i know in my heart that you will beat this one as well. i pray daily for this to end for you soon and you to remain healthy all through this madness. you are truly an inspiration to anyone fighting a battle of their own. god bless and keep you stessie. you are almost there. keep the faith. my thoughts prayers and love are with you my dear lady.

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