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Thursday feb 18th



It is thursday i went to the doctor thismorning he pulled me off aggrenox and placed me on plavix.

Not sure I understood why because I know proffessionally he could not say if someone on aggrenox restroked or whatnot.


I left the prescription to be filled etc. I am still kind of hopeful to return to work but I am acccepting my new life.


I found out also what is was like to hit the brick wall with the stroke as well. I have been pushing it for a couple of days and have learned to slow a little.


I felt crappy yesterday and still feel a lil woozy today.


I need to get out and do something for fun


Talked to people concerning barber school today. 11375.00 for tuition.

The cost was astronomical. But maybe the have some grants for people like me that will have to look at different options maybe.

I am also facing the possibility that I will have to relocate to a small town across the state.


The stroke has good days and bad days.... Yesterday was a bad day.


Has anyone that has had a stroke hit the proverbial wall, meanig having one of those bad days after overdoing it mentally.


It is nice to still be here and help others...

Posted by Kevin at 10:40 AM


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hey Kevin:

everybody has good and bad days even healthy people have it too. trick it to realize it's just bad day & tomorrow will be better. BTW for me going out for a walk always cheers me up since I know how I could not do that for few months. So I don't take small things for granted anymore, and enjoy every small things in my life including sunny day.




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With all of the changes taking place in your life, you will find new meaning and repurposing. Sit down, put down on paper where you desire to be, and determine how you are going to get there. Take a walk and give it a great deal of thought. Talk to others who have been on a similar path.



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