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doing a PB in luge



I got up full of energy this morning so decided once I had showered Ray etc I would make us a quick breakfast and tackle the front garden. I did an hour


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I do hope you heal up nicely and quickly. Kinda scary to go down, huh? Glad Ray is having a peaceful week. How good to have a couple weeks of respite ahead to regroup and catch up on some Sue TLC. Sounds like you could use it.


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I am glad you didn't get banged up lot in your fall. Sue I know and you also know that you are doing your PB to take care of Ray and don't need any certificate from anyone. I am glad you are getting 2 weeks respite to regroup & get back in action when Ray comes home again.




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Ouch Sue.... luge.... works much better on a slippery surface... and a sled under you.... glad it is bumps, bruises and a few scraps... nothing worse.


Please do take some time fo yourself when Ray is in respite care.... Not just catching up or cleaning.. Some REAL SUE time... feet up with the TV on, or lunch with a friend.. a little pampering.


I have a cell phone i carry outside.. as being in the boonies noone would hear me yell either, although Mindy our Aussie does try to help you get up... or stand and lick your face to make sure you are ok....lol.


Sue You have a PB in care giving... and a Master's in human kindness.


love n hugs,, Bonnie


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You have such a way with words. PB...I love it. Yes, caregivers are always giving our personal best. I would never have coreelated caregivers with the olympics. Take are of yourself. Rejuvenate and inspire yourself. You need to give yourself all of the personal, spiritual and physical feeding that you can.



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