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some joy shared



We had a lovely time in chat today, we shared our problems and as the saying goes:


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Sue, thank you for posting the photos. It came out lovely. I am so glad you are enjoying it. As for the bathroom renovation, good idea if you can wait for Ray to be away. Ours had to be redone, but contractor couldn't get here before Bruce came home. It was a total gut and my lovely contractor had his two contractor brothers also come in and they tripled teamed it, but still took 10 days and the noise level drove Bruce to distraction. He spent a lot of time on the deck or off on rides with me and his caregivers. Have a terrific time at camp and yes, last night was very productive. Thank you again, Debbie

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Loved seeing the photos. So good to have activities outside of caregiving. It gives you a mini-respite.


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hi sue, I am so sorry I missed last weeks' chat... daylight savings time really messied up our schedule, along with the fact the Ralph no longer has an internal body clock... havock on our system! Really enjoyed our Big Night In, and look forward to your return.... love lisa

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