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I thought I would get off the stroke topic tonight. I don't know why, it was one of those bad days and I should probably vent, but this may help more. All of you caregivers in chat have heard about her and Sue talks to her and she sits with me every night while I peruse the site and get helpful info. When Bruce and I first started living together, I brought along with all my other baggage, a cat named Ulysses. He soon became Bruce's best friend and Bruce called him Jules. Bruce would play the guitar and Jules would answer him. It was hysterical to watch. Jules died the day I started Nursing school and Bruce had to take care of all of that, since I could not miss school. Jules was with me for 18 years. Over the past few years, Bruce wanted another cat but I nixed it, saying losing a pet was too painful. Just after Bruce came home post stroke, two of his college roommates arrived and begged me to get him a pet. One day I decided to go to the local shelter and "rescue" someone (we have a wonderful shelter here, no euthanizing) and mentioned it to his CNA. Jen is a cat lover, has three of her own, and said no wait. She called her boyfriend and Kira arrived half hour later for a weekend "trial". Kira is a seven year old calico angora-very tiny kitty. She is spayed, has no front claws and is litter box trained. Her owners had her as a kitten, but when the new baby arived they could not keep Kira out of the crib. Jen took her because her heart broke to see her go to a shelter. Kira fell in love with Bruce from the onset-wheelchair, cane, brace and all. She is very spoiled (will sit on my hands when I am typing if she feels she is not getting enough attention.) She will sit with you for hours at a time,tolerates my frequent interruptions. I walked her on a leash for three days so she would learn the boundaries of the yard and now goes out on her own. Actually she is really smart. Jules was not the sharpest stick in the pile, so I was amazed at how fast she learned. She now settles with Bruce at bedtime but then comes to join me later. She is a joy to both of us. If this helps any of you in deciding to add a pet, it works. Bruce loved Pet Therapy at the Rehab, though they were mostly dogs, but his face lit up when he saw them coming. Just holding and petting Kira give me great peace and Bruce watches her all the time, enjoys her antics at getting her own way and talks to her, which is great since he does not talk much unless prodded. To those of you on the verge - go rescue someone.


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Yes you are moving me more toward getting a pet for William.

That was a great story to share.


I do think that he would love a pet.



I shall think little longer before acting.



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