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lokomat assessment...



Finally six weeks of therapy are done. This is a day to be excited. We celebrated by eating at Sweet Tomatoe. I decided that people love to celebrate by going out to eat.


The assessment was done by a physical therapist. She found that William was able to move his foot and could do much more by himself. But, you have to remember that we also got the AFO back today. We had adjustments done. The adjustments help.


William was grouchy with the PT. He didn't like her telling him what to do. It was not pleasant. It was one of those days. The assessment was finished. after 2 hours. William is insistent that he doesn't like PT.


The assessment was difficult because she wanted William to walk as fast as he could. He can't walk fast. He still needs assistance. but he needs help with the upper part of his body vs lots of help with the lower part of this body.


Of course, you cannot mention that you were in the lokomat study to her.


William and I decided that The lokomat was a blessing. I do not think that William would have tolerated the constant cajoling of the PT for hours on end.


But, it is time for a break. 6 weeks of daily therapy was rough.


Tomorrow we will be back in the pool. Tonight we will try playing bridge with some friends.


I'll miss the caretaker gettogether tonight.




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