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facing reality again



Facing reality is always tough. I have been doing it a lot lately as I have realised that I am not as strong as I use to be and some of the heavy work I used to do is now not possible. That includes picking Ray up off the floor. Each time I have a massage the masseuse asks me if I know how bad my back is? It is not bones it is the muscles I pull from lifting Ray, they don


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Great for you Sue, and it's a blessing Ray was not/is not a big man with more weight. People tell me all the time, be careful, don't fall I can't pick you up. I know what they mean. It's good you are using that plan.


I think about you daily in caring for Ray and how you are coping with your own health as a woman and care giver for Ray and your Mum as well. You inspire me with your will power and mental attitude about life and caring for a loved one. I bet you inspire other caregivers here too.


I just hope my health will hold together for the duration of my life, making it a bit easier for my wife in caring for a stroke survivor. I guess that's why I say, I will be at home, but we never know what's over the hill that will make that impossible.

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Sue, funny I should find your blog tonight. This morning Bruce fell out of the WC. My fault and I know better, but I had put a pad on the cushion last night in case he had an "accident" this morning before I got up. He transferred fine, but went to move back in the chair as we have been practicing and the pad came out from under him and down he went. I weigh 95 lbs. Bruce is 195 lbs. We had to slide on the pad to the bathroom for him to use the grab bars. I had moved almost everything out of the bedroom because he now needed the room to manuveur himself in the mornings. I mentioned it to his therapist when we got there. (He is fine, a few abrasions) and that was exactly what they worked on in therapy-the way you got Ray up. I'd have to move the bed against a wall, but that is a whole lot easier than sliding him to the bathroom. I often think what would happen if something happened to me, so I set up a trust with a good Executor to manage it. Easier being an Executor than a caregiver. I too consider that there will be an end to this at some point, I just wish I had a crystal ball to see where. I just hope I can find the grace to do it as well as you and still find time to help others. Debbie

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If it is any help - Gone are the days when I could lift Dick off the floor. I did a lot of damage before coming up with a couple ways of making him do at least part of the work. I used a similar method you used. I would move a chair next to him and get him to roll over and pull his knees under him (not as easy at it sounds) then would grab his belt and assist his affected leg as he pulled up.


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Sue can you get a potable lift? Some I believe are called Hoyer lifts, I am not knowledgeable about lifts. but maybe you could talk with the therapy people and see what id availble to help you out. It will be great when Trev is so close again.


love n hugs, Bonnie

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