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I have a new blog - http://en.wordpress.com - mostly because I find this site restrictive and often frustrating when trying to post. For instance, my latest blog posting never showed, after hours and actually days of trying to post it. We'll see if this one makes it.


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Yea, Lin just answered my question I was about to ask of you. At the bottom of the page is a choice window for Draft or Publish. It will not show up until you select publish then click.


Also you can set your Blog settings in your control panel if you want the replies from others to show up or you have to approve them first.


Maybe another read of those instructions will help you get your blogs like you want them. Also, the Blog link you have here can be copied and put here. Like I just did. Or you can write it then place it here without having to do the link.




I didn't see your blog or I don't know how to get to it from the page you linked? Help?

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we will miss you around here, so do come and update us on how you are doing from time to time. Though I wish you well in your post stroke life. I know you have fought hard to get where you are today.




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