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He moved his Thumb!



Well, I was waiting to give an update to the Spring Transition, and now I am glad I did. Last two days were horrible and I felt I wasn't in the right frame of mind to assess our progress. Now I am glad I did. Real issue remains the constant TV. Had to take it away Wednesday and Thursday-not working on his work, incontinence, etc. I had said from day one I would not condescend or treat him like a child, but am finding out that may be exactly what I have to do. Anyway, he found another outlet. Bruce read for two hours and then wrote in his journal for 20 minutes - a first. Usually it was one or two sentences to appease me and "follow the rules". Physically he did the minimum just to shut me up. We had a talk about all of this and he's with me on the reasons for recovery but still initiates nothing. His main goal is to get back to work. We have made up a list of those tasks he must master before he can do that. He wrote them out (because we learn from writing) and we review them several times a day - to no avail. With Leo and Jen gone I have no "me" time but have decided he has to come first. Anyway, we went to pool at 9 then PT at 11. PT put him on his stomach for the first time and he promptly fell asleep. She said to let him do this but only for short periods as it is a strain on his neck. He said his back felt great. His new home therapy (get this) is to go to bed on his left side for half hour daily. Who's better than Bruce? Prescribe that for his caregiver please! OT at noon and just about wrap up time, she hands him a cone, assists putting it in his right hand and tells him to drop it, she used the stimulator and guess what? He's moving his thumb himself. She worked on this for another half hour and he was consistent! My heart sings. He was cooked when we got home, needless to say, had quiet dinner. I invented a new "Moved My Thumb Chicken" recipe for dinner and he crashed at 7:30 pm with one extra pain pill which I know he will need. Just when you think things are regressing and you have no solutions, God hands you a gift. Jen was taking him to swim two mornings a week, but got in trouble with the pool manager. This was directly related to Bruce's care and while, in all fairness, I was not surprised (really my sister had brought it to my attention last week) I was disappointed, so that ends that. I have another CNA who is water trained who I will be calling this week. Biggest issue is that the truck is standard transmission. Leo continues to give me two hours afternoons if I need them, but will not get in the water. Tomorrow we are off to a Creative Writing workshop and will let all of you know how that works out. Writing is Bruce's forte, so it will be interesting to see his reaction. His college roommate is coming next week for a few days and we always look forward to Walter's visits. All in all we continue to transition. Debbie



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Debbie :congrats: to Bruce on a great feet moving his thumb.

God showed Bruce his working at returning back to work takes work.

Maybe now you won't need to hound him to keep working.

Debbie you are doing a great support job, as a survivor I am greatfull for

all caregivers.Jeannie

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You are truly a marvel. Bruce is coming along. But, what work. The water is good. You are are fortunate to find a CNA that does water. I have to do it myself. The CNA's do not do water or that much at all for me.


It is hard to always be on top of all therapy. But, your are doing great. See you in chat.



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