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April 12th 2010



My dear friends,


This has given me the perception that i can wok some day. Ms. Ethyl i got tired after the drive and a walk around the orlando convention center.


Its Massive like having four convention centers in one. We walked aout two miles in the afternoon and thursday evening to look at the projects.


My son won third in Environmental sciences as he did last year. He was dejected little without improvement, He was greatful he did not lose ground.


Yes it was good for me, Now i need to know how much to push it. My boss wants to talk with me to see where i am at. I could push it and try working.


I really want to do part time for six months or so. But we get paid by the position in engineering full time not part.


The only deficits I have are slight dizziness on some days mostly and my road block is fatigue. I will walk a lot this week


I will listen to the doctors and will field advice on here as well. I feel like i could part time but not full.


I can do what needs to be done by making notes i think. It really bothers me because little stupid stuff like remembering matts backboard was at county office today. If i am not focusing on something or use tools i forget now. Just a little. I dont know if me or stroke.


Eveyone says i will know but i do not know. If i keep improving as i have then i think i can work and improve their.


Some of this i did prestroke as well.


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Kevin, Ray went back to work six months after the 1990 stroke, his remaining deficits from that one were anaesthesia (lack of feeling) down the left side, slurred speech when he was tired, dragged left leg when he was tired. He was a carpenter but found if he paced himself he was okay. However he had MASSIVE fatigue issues and slept almost as soon as he got home from work, Saturday afternoons and Sunday afternoons.


I was here to back him up though I would not have thought of myself as a caregiver back then, that came after the two strokes in 1999 which retired us both, me to look after him.


He got by in his job by organizing himself well. He sorted out what he had to do for the day prioritised the list and just plodded on until it was all done. I can't say he enjoyed work as he had done before the first stroke. Although I worked and I organized our home life, I also took over the house and yardwork. You might have to organize some home help when you go back to work as doing it all is too much.


If you need to go back to work see if you can find an Occupational Therapist who can look at the tasks you will have to do and sort out what it is you can easily do, what will be harder and what you need either some help with or retraining in. An expereinced OT can do this for you and make your return to work easier for you.



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