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My Aneurysm



I found out seveal months ago that I have an Aneurysm in my Aorta. It's kind of tricky were it is at. I think I found out about it in January of this year. They are going to wait about five months from then to operate on me. They showed it to me in a scan of me and it's going down into my lower extermites. At any rate I am not that worried about it. They are going to show my case to several Drs and brain storm it among themselfs. It's funny how diffrent things affect us and how we react to them. I'll keep you guys posted on my progess in a few months.






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Bruce, you have a very sensible approach to life. I think you are wise to leave it in the hands of the experts (and God if you think that way) and just get on with life. Hope it all turns out to be easy to do once the right "experts" look at it.


In the meantime there is plenty to do so just take it a day at a time.



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Bruce, isn't that an unusual place for one to form? I thought they were mainly found in the head, where an operation was needed once removed?


I had a brain bleed but the doctors decided against having an operation and I'm glad I didn't have one now.

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good luck in your recovery from your surgery i hope to get good news as well , and yes you are right in how life just happens to create new challenge for you but bruce knowing you you are up to the challenge your friend lenny

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Thank you all who responed to this question. As you all know by now I came out of thr sugery parillzed form the waist down. I have excetped that way I came out of the sugery! Tank God I came out of it a live!

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