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Life B4 The Computer



You know, many of us here are not computer operators, by that I mean, we didn't grow up with computers. We had manual typewriters, if lucky enough we used an electric typewriter and we could type about 50 words a minute. Sitting here this morning wondering what the heck is wrong with my computer, I admit I am not computer smart. I am now convinced to operate this machine, you need a computer degree.


Here is my life before the computer: Memory was something that you lost with age. An Application was for employment searches. A Program was a TV show. A Cursor used profanity every fourth word out of their mouth.


A Keyboard was a Piano. A Web was a spider's home. A Browser was anyone just looking around. A Virus was the flu. A CD was a bank account saving item. A Mouse was a small rat. A Mouse Pad was where a mouse lived, usually in your walls and ceilings. A Hard Drive was a long trip on the road to grandma's house with the kids asking, "Are we there yet?"


And, if you had a 3 1/2 inch Floppy...You just hope only your wife knew about it, not her friends!


So, now you all know, if all my writing is the same size, color, nothing changes darker or different styles that I am not the computer smart generation like many of you. I applaud you all for having the knowledge. When I click too many times I have to call the repairman. None of them want to come to your house, they want you to bring it to them.


How can a person weak on one side, get a computer downstairs, out the door into the car by himself? No way. So, I suppose I'm not the only one but it sure feels like it at times and that makes me ask the question, "How was life before the computer?" The life I know about, but here I am trying to compete in a computer world.


Perhaps that is why I have to tell jokes, to keep from crying in my soup. At this present time it appears another life after computers in the home will be computers in your pocket like the cell phones are now. Then they will be built in the cars for our use besides the ones they already have to control the car engine operations and trips on the road.


Chances are at my age now, I won't be around when that time is here. Can you imagine the price of cars and trucks when that time comes? OH well, we can say those were the good ole days. :unsure::D


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