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well Here i am



**hi** My name is Leina, Its been 3 years & i have finally found a place that people will understand me.......its not easy living as a young stroke survivor, as most people dont understand that a young person, can have a stroke.

As a young 34yr old lady, at times i feel old in my body & slow in my mind & that my life has past me by........But the stubborn me keeps battling on, day by day & i know in my mind & feel in my body that i can gain a little more, each day of what i lost when having my stroke.


My husband & two children help me keep focused on life & motivate me to try harder, but i do have my, i just want to give up days!!! Dont we all??


As much as im liking this site, im finding it very confusing :uhm: , although i must say, i am very new to the social network internet world & have only just mastered facbook, lol, so i feel a little all over the place, as i have never Blogged before & am not sure what to write????? :Typing:


Its been a long road with the complete lose of use on my left side, i learned to walk again & still trip if i dont concentrate, i cant run & wish to again.

I was a very active fit person & loved walking every where, for hours & hours.

My left leg is slow, some days & my is ankle weak, i have very bad circulation & get a numb foot alot of the time.

My balance is getting better but is not good, my eye sight is damaged but not to bad, i have to wear sun glasses all the time.

My left arm is a real pain & my hand, well it only does what it wants to & even then, its still lazy, my fine motor skills are gone & are slow to recover, iv just started hanging my washing out on the line but if its windy, well i may as well just throw it all on the ground & leave it, lol, but i shouldnt complain........i have been back driving for a year & drive a manual car & have no problems with changing gears,i get the jittery leg thingy at times though.

I still get very tired & tell myself all the time that i need to get lots of good sleep :Neeeedsleeep: , i slept for most of the first year after my stroke, I needed to rest & heal my brain!!!

I suffer from depression & when i couldnt cope any more a year ago i went to my Dr for help.

I had hit rock bottom & was sad & angry :Rage: with life, my smile was gone, i thought i could handle anything!!!

I WAS WRONG......i lost control completely. :Explode:

My Dr was a great help & put me in touch with a phycolagist & a phyciatrist (cant spell them words) they helped & i am still seeing them both when needed, having a stroke not only challenges your body it changes you mentally too............but in the end it can change you in a good way, iv learnt that life will allways throw you more hurdles once you think you have finally mastered all.


Here i am now feeling there is hope with a big smile :D but also remembering to take things slow, one day at a time & not get lost in a world, of thinking every thing must be perfect.


Well i think i have written enough for now, i still have so much more of my story to tell & its a long way back to the beginning.

I hope i havent bored :Rant-On: anyone with a little of my story, it is a short long one!!!


I do feel better :happydance: after writing this blog, please feel free to comment & or message me, im still trying to figure the live chat, thingy, set up????

I think i may have said before, i am eager to communicate with others. :chat:





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Leina: welcome. Also go to the Message Board and introduce yourself under Survivors. There will be greetings from our hosts and some suggested reading which will be very helpful. Get through the postings. There is also a Young Survivors heading where you might also want to introduce yourself. This group is incredible and you will get some very good suggestions and advice from all sorts of survivors and caregivers. Chat was tough for me to get to as well. Go to Stroke Support just under the StrokeNet heading-right side, chatrooms, a screen will come up with the lobby. Go to the bottom of the page if you do not see that and download Java=only takes a minute or so, then next to the lobby chat are two headings, click on the second one and all the open chatrooms will be listed. Click on the one you want. Congratulations on your recovery and hard work. Keeping your head in the right place is important and you seen to have a good handle on that. Your blog is perfect and I wait to hear more. Welcome aboard. Debbie

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hey Leina:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I joined this site also at age 34 & was very angry, sad & upset with life's this curve ball. but for me blogging here on this site and chatting with other survivors helped me deal with my disability. BTW we have every day scheduled chat in the afternoon from 3-4 & 8-9 EST M-F. BTW in the begining of my blgging days we all did few of fun things like 100 things about me blog & also gratitude list blogs & things like those. good thing about blogging s you can write anything you want in it. In my initial blogs I used to write my daily fun things of raising my son. I was so greatful for still having that job in the begining years & I still am when he he is behaving nice :D

I look forward to know you through your blogs more.



Asha(now 40 year old survivor, who is here to tell you life does get better after stroke, you are still here)

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