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my ex-boss



this is kinda a spin off of janices blog,he was a very a-personallty type"can-do ex athalete oylipic vollyball gold medalest,he's frired me a couple of mutch as i quit a few times,but cooler heads prevailed,it was all kiss& make up,pretty sure he was the second person to visit me in the hospital,just to make sure i was at deaths door.if not he would have draged me out of bed.get back to work lol_2.gif(i guess once he saw all the tubes coming out& in me,+ i was comatost he figured,i was done),once i figured out the money i was making him.every thing was a bigger fight(pay me more you cheap *beep*),funny one of the last big fights that we had was about he not saporting me on disaplenary actions of my underlings(me yelling at them to herry up,there was a lot to do in 5 hours between the in-house lunch program& the catering.i lerned the in-house was close to a millon dollar a year(never got to do the math on the catering stuff) angry.gif i was thretaing to quit again(and he was all yeah,yeah your never leving here)but when the referance calls started to come in...... lol_2.gif he was singing a different tune,heres a big rise& have the old comany car(78 volvo station wagonw/ origal 68,00 miles!!)plus keys to the van for gigswhen needed.we had our own van,but it was a klunker,so some times....any way back to the "fight" one of the last parting words to him was,"if something should happens to me you are SOOOoo.....f-f-f-f-f-f*cked"[elast]

fast forward 6 years i drop in from time to time.i do miss the place 20 yearsof making that into something,POOF! gone(we use to have lines out the door for lunch) sad.gif inhouse is is all but apast memorie.i'm still pretty close to the baker(she tells me it's nothing like it use to be) there me& her husban were doing a band,the cook left& came back after failed bussness jont sad.gif (no one cooks meats like that boy/man),he's making money off of the booze his selling now(fancy wines) is it enough to make up for the loss ofbussness don't know,but thats behind me now,oh.....well, when i go in & don't pay for a thing,i try not to abues it,yummy cheeses& spices& cakes& chocalates,yummm..... i do need to make a visit soon wicklaugh.gif


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