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end another day



it has been a hard day,theworry,and all "off" for a time ,i gripe that it has been hard butt cindi is the one going through all the hard ships,the minde can play tricks and the devel kicks the hardest when you are on the ground,never give up never serender,butt you can sleep in sometimes. may the good Lord bless and keep ua,bigA. :Zzzz: :Zzzz:


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hi aaron:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I find stroke was the hardest battle of my life but it made my mariage very strong, and made me appreciative of simple joys of life.

hope o learn lot about you through your blogs.



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thank you, there is a lot to learn ,but Cindi is worth it all, we too have a stronger marraied life,she has takin care of me for 3years sence i became dissablid,but the Lord was showing me ways i could do stuff around thr house months b 4 this happend. Aaron J. Stroud Sr.

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