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I started throwing too much stuff away. I wanted to declutter.

I ordered some book on Amazon for William and I used the visa gift card that we had been given. I placed the order and got the response that it was accepted and the order would be sent. This was 4 days ago. Today, i open up my e-mail to read that the card was denied. My problem, is that I threw the card out. I had it sitting around for a couple of days and then I tossed it out. the trash was just picked up this AM. I hate those gift cards. Next, time I will not throw it out until I get the product in my hands. I had called the company that gave us the card buy they do not know which bank gave it to them. Next time i need to take a picture of it and leave it on my phone. They only had the last 4 digits on the card. Easy come..easy go.


This was after an early morning swim . William will not try to swim again. It was a fluke the first time. He was tired and cranky. He did enjoy the after coffee visit with the other members of the YMCA. We came home and I put him to bed. He has a friend that will come and bring him to lunch. I gassed up the car and truck. I want to be ready for hurricane season. I like to keep the vehicles topped up with gas. You have to be prepared.


WHen William is off at lunch I will go and swim some laps.


I work this weekend and I hope that everything goes well with the caregivers. WE have a new one for Sat.


William went to bed consfused and woke up confused. But, after the swim and coffee he was no longer confused.

Strange how that happens.


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Ruth: William will try the swimming again. Some days stuff clicks, some not. But I have found as have you that once they learn something it will come back. Way back several months Bruce moved his right thumb, nothing since, except today when he was having a minor surgical procedure, he saw me through the window and signaled me with his right thumb. My neice made me stop with the declutter, she said you can't be throwing Uncle Bruce's stuff out! and boy, was she mad. But today, I too looked around and said I have to get going here. Have a good weekend and will be talking to you soon. Debbie

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Ruth, decluttering is about a decade behind at our place. I attack it from time to time but it has to be a day when I am strong emotionally or I throw out stuff and then second-guess myself for weeks.


I agree that William will occasionally do things that are a one off and then maybe again in three months time. You never know what to expect with recovery.


I enjoy having you in chat now, we have a great group and it is like girls-night for me as I never get to do that in real time now.Chat again on Tuesday, have a great weekend.



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I've also learned the hard way to not pitch the card until you receive the merchandise.


I'm with Sue on decluttering.

I'm just happy to keep up with

the garbage to make it to the outside bin every day.


William will swim again at his choosing, I have faith.


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