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Last assessment for the Lokomat



Today we had the last assessment for the Lokomat clinical study. William did well.

This brings us to the point that we can now start more PT and OT.

It was good to see the progress that William has made.

Before the study started, our initial assessment was made by William trying to walk using the quad cane. The therapist was seated on a stool and manually lifted his left leg.


The assessment at the end of therapy. William was able to walk with moderate help. The therapist didn't have to sit on a stool and help. She just had to push the foot manually.


The assessment 3 months after therapy has stopped. Today, William was able to walk with the quad cane. He moved his left leg himsel. The therapist just help him shift weight.


It is amazing to see how much has happened in 6 months.


My conclusion is that the lokomat really did miraculous things for William.


The lokomat helped William to strengthen his legs and gain stamina. He was encouraged to walk as much as possible. He really took that to heart and managed to do that. The lokomat did encourage the proper gait.


Today I asked the therapist how she was shifting his weight. This helped him to move his own left leg. The answer was that you hold him at the waist near his right. You can sort of manuever him by a simple nudge.

I will start trying this.


We rushed to the YMCA afterwards. They had their monthly luncheon and had a program on the American Flag. We made it!!. Late, but we heard the program ..It was excellent.


We were going to swim, but lightning closed the pool. We just came home.


I realized that i had lost my credit card. I went to the bank and cancelled that account. I was going to use my debit card. I was at the store and I could not remember my pin #. I went back to the bank and had to reset the PIN. What a day. I just wanted to go home. We had started out at 9:30A and finally got home at 4PM.


We are progressing. It is just hard to see except when you look back.


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Ruth: Good news! With the PT and OT now onboard, you will see a remarkable improvement. Getting the hip to remember its job is a big step forward and if you are at just a nudge, you guys are well on your way. LOL-I forgot my own name toay, don't feel bad. Bruce started back in the pool today, you culd tell he had a month off, but he did two complete laps. PT started him on the stationary bike-3 cycles of 10. He's a hurting puppy tonight, but so proud of himself. William's progress has been remarkable and his enthusiasm and your perserverence have paid off big time. Onward, Debbie

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Ruth, So happy to enjoy in the successful results of

the clinical study. Your part in this is that you

set out to find a clinical study. That a girl. :Clap-Hands:


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Ruth, just think how much he will improve in the next two years. I'm over 6 now and just learning to walk without a cane. A day I figured would not come to me.


The curb is a problem trying to step up with my good foot without holding on to something, but I'm trying in therapy each time.


I'm so glad William is improving every day! The study did him lots of good.

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