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I am glad the network has included "Lost a Loved one to Stroke" category. I first came to the site through my son that some of you are familiar with as Wes! (His dad was Wes also.)


July 5th will mark two years since my husband of almost 57 years suffered a stroke. He lingered until 11:45 PM July 7th when he drew his last breath. My life changed forever that day. My journey continues but life is so much different. I thank God for my four grown children, the grand and great grand children and all my many other family members and friends but still, I feel like about half of who I was is gone. My older son, Wesley suffered a stroke August 29 of 08, just weeks after his dad had passed away. He mentioned how people in general treat you differently post stroke...well it is about the same when you lose a spouse too. You are no longer a couple, some people, even family members don't come by or call as often as they did. I have found that to be a bit strange because I am still the same person. Just have more responsibilities and am very lonely at times. I do stay very busy. Doing church work on my computer, working at the church, volunteering a lot in different areas, and reading. Even let a grandson talk me into playing games on Facebook! (That is evening desperation!) I am doing great but there are times when it seems like it happened yesterday and at other times it seems a lifetime has passed since that day! Many things have happened to remind me of my loss but I am constantly reminded of how blessed I was and am to have had him in my life for so many years. We had known each other from the age of 12 years and had started holding hands at church by the age of 16. (Thinking that no one would notice.) Oh! the innocence of youth, back then! I did title this correctly.."Been thinking!" Perhaps I should call it, "Remembering!"


I have not visited here for sometime nor blogged either. Perhaps I will do more of it again.


Remembering how blessed my life was and has been!

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hey Naomi:


I was so happy to see your blog. you write from your heart, and so beautifully. I do identify with your loss. I agree we do feel lonely at times but we have to move on with the hand we are dealt and make best out of our situation. you are very learned & blessed woman. I too realized after grieving for oldme there is still life post stroke and that too meaningful one. I feel lucky that you joined my blogworld and have made my journey easier in difficult times.




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