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oh darn - i just lost my post!

AZ Leah


:Tantrum: THIS MAKES ME SICK. I HAD A WHOLE POST WRITTTEN. AND I TRIED TO PUT IN A PICTURE AND I LOT EVERYTHING. WELL, The crux of the matter is we leave Sat for Phoenix for a week and I plan to meet Kimmie Anderson. Hopefully she can re-introduced me to the "new"

stroke website. New things are hard for old birds like me to learn. Move later. Love ya all , Leah :friends:


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I am so glad that you get to meet Kimmie. Have a wonderful trip.



Sorry that you lost your posting.

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Don't ya just hate it when that happens? After a few encounters with the poof gone in a flash fairy, I've learned to type it on word then copy and paste it here.

That's so cool that you're going to meet Kimmie. I'd love to one day too...I fear she'd take a shot at me for all I do to drive her nuts.

Have a fun, safe trip and give her a big smooch for me.


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I am more disappointed than you that you lost your blog entry and lazy to type long entry again. I love to hear tidbits of your life. I am so excited that you will be meeting kimmie in person. hhope you have wonderful time in AZ. take lot of pictures and update us with new blog and pictures, so that we can share joy of your vacation.



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