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Well, it's been 4 nites now that I've been sleeping in my own bed and 3 nites that I've been doing the stairs on my own. I go up very confidently but when I look at the staircase to come down, it just seems so ominous and overwhelming. But I've been taking it in steps - my staircase has a landing after 6 steps, so coming down I tell myself to do only the first six. Then I rest and travel the second set of 6 to the waiting wheel chair. This weekend I'm going to work at using the walker instead of the wheelchair. I won't get any stamina on my feet unless I get off my touche and onto my feet. So wish me luck, folks. So, it's been a good few days with the new adventure of the stairs and my getting accustomed to my own room and my bed. I've said I'm stubborn and despite that particular handicap, I will conquer this!

I've signed up for outpatient therapies but don't know how to handle "the RIDE' which is the vehicle that carts us handicappers around. Never used it before and I'm always afraid for the first time with anything.....so this should be an experience!

I think my memory is going. I know that I saw particular items when I came home for good but now I can't remember where I put anything. My house is such a wreck because I have all my clothes in the living room where, of course, I've been living. Time to move all that stuff upstairs where it belongs. I will ask for help because I can't bend down to certain bureau drawers. Not like me to ask for help but I guess it's time to bite the bullet and admit that I can't do everything right away - it's all going to take time. That's very hard for me to admit but Tina (my OT) would be smiling over this decision.

A demain, dear journal!




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hey Anne:


other than your therapist even we are smiling ear to ear & cheering for you. do you have railing on both side of stairs, That's the only modifications we have in our house & it has made me very confident. I go up and down stairs atleast 10 times during day. I think asking or help where you really need is not sign of weakness but sign of strength in my mind. Sometime it feels like you will never feel same or happy again. but I want to tell you things will become better. someone once told me happiness is a choice, and sometimes I have to do make that choice every day.



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Anne: Good for you! Just please be careful and maybe take a page out of Asha's book and go up and down a few times during the day to the WC. Get one thing down pat before you try another. Once you build up your stamina and can do the stairs comfortably, then consider the walker. When in the WC, rest and then try the walker around the living room to get started. You will get things organized in good time. As Bruce continues to make progress I find myself reorganizing things here to accomodate his improvement. Now that he can make it into the kitchen, I have removed all the stuff I stored there to get it out of the dining room, which we used as his kitchen-lol. Your confidence is apparent and good for you. Keep up the good work. Debbie

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