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My sugery



My sugery is planned for September 13, 2010. I'll go into the hospital on the 12th. Other than this I don't know very much. At least I know when the sugery is planned for. I'll keep you all posted on my porgress.


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thanks for informing us, you will be in my thoughts and prayers for successful surgery on day of your surgery.



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Bruce, I said prayers last night and this morning, that God guide the doctors and your surgery process and it'll all be right in the end my man! God bless and you keep calm!

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You going to have your surgery at Duke? Just wondering! I'd have every confidence in them my friend!! They specialize in tricky deals! We talked to them about closing Bill's PFO before he had his stroke in 2005. I can't remember the name of the doctor but his words were - you are a sick man with a sick heart. Just remember we deal with sick people with sick hearts on a daily basis and we are prepared to do so....Made me feel a lot better, that's for sure. (He decided he didn't want to go through with it though -

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