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isn"t life grand!!



well i had such a good saturday that just made me realised that stroke or not lige is just grand my wife and i and christian and my daugh ter just bought a ticket to watch a game of baseball in nat bailey stadium that is where the canadians play ball any way after the game for a special attraction firworks is added forafter the game so after we bought a handicapp parking and park the car we all left togeter to watch the canadians play tri state, and my grand son loved baseball and sinse my wife has been married to me she even loves to watch baseball so we ait in the stands, one big happy family and of coarse two very good friends came along for the fireworks and the game and while we was there a player hit a home run all the way to the scoreboard and over the clock it was a monster hit and after that mighty blow of coarse since we were there you get a free gift certificate to ana and w free burger and root beer now you know where christian and i will be going on monday on my scooterany way after that hit you couln"t stop the canadian now the canadian wins 11 to 4, and then the music starts and the countdown begins and then a big boom and christian jumo from the noise and then the colourful lights came down and then another boom and more lights and music to go along with the fireworks and then i look at my grandson eyes, andhis eyes were sparkling and he had a big smile and i was thinking right at that timme as i look in the wonderment in christian eyes and my wife and my daughter and my whole family and we were having such a good time and then i wasthen that i realise that even if you had a stroke at this moment in time it was great to be alive and to witness the good times that we was having and will again i am sure and i thought isn"t life grandand yes it is what could be more perfect the home team won, and the fireworks was wonderful and it put a smile on the love of my life , i had such a good time that i felt that i had to share

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I agree with you life is still grand, to be able to enjoy with your dear ones is the greatest gift this second chance in life has brought in our life



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