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the cave bears are out



We had a lovely sunny weekend, on Friday the temp was warmer than it has been for a while and I got to sit out in the sun in the afternoon and warm my bones. I will be so glad when the cold damp weather goes as today the rain and cloud cover is back and it is markedly chilly. I spent the morning doing housework and then provided a lunch of soup and bread rolls for my sister. She called in on her way to another appointment Yep, the cave bears are out again.


I hadn’t seen my sister for a while as she had had a whooping cough virus and I had the bronchitis for four weeks. I usually see her a few times through winter but not this year. She has four children,all married, has ten grandchildren, is into PalTalk and Facebook and has a wide circle of friends with whom she goes to lunch etc. We are similar in looks but very different in the way we live, and that is okay with both of us I think.


We had three lots of visitors on Friday, my four monthly friend from down the road came up for a visit, an old friend from the other direction and then my son came to drop off my grand daughter and finished up staying for dinner and going home about 9pm. That was the longest visit for a long time so I guess the spat is over, at least as far as he is concerned.


His two little boys ran riot as usual but he and Trev washed up and tidied up some so it was not a lot of extra work for me. Having my granddaughter here was fun. We went to the church fete on Saturday morning. She is so good at spending my money she makes me seem so generous…lol. We enjoyed the lemonade the Kid’s Club made, the scones with jam and cream the Fellowship group made. For lunch we had the sausage sandwiches the Men’s Fellowship (which technically Ray belongs to) cooked out in the sunshine. BBQ …yummy. Mind you I just had egg as usual.


We had Lukie over to play with Tori on and off during the weekend. He is very loud and I think Tori got sick of that. She likes to come to Grandma’s for the peace and quiet and that was in short supply this weekend. She came to Sunday School and we had nine other kids as well so it was a busy hour or so. It is amazing what you can make with colored cardboard and some drawing pencils. The lessons determine the craft but each week is a unique time of creating and “owning” the craft of the day – no two alike!


We did have a lot of fun with the Wii too. I had about five months when I did not use it at all and now I am back to doing sports and fitness programs again. I got a nasty shock getting on the board and getting weighed – where do those extra pounds come from? Best get active again or the spring blouses will not button up...shame on me!


And on Sunday evening back came Tori’s beloved Dad and the little boys and this time we had a makeshift dinner of processed chicken burgers and spaghetti after some homemade pumpkin soup that Edie and Trev had made. It was a good fun time of fellowship and laughter and reminiscing so well worth the effort. We don’t do that often enough now.


So if the bears are out of the caves I had better review the winter wardrobe, throw out some past fashion faux pars, brighten up the lipstick and powder and get my “summer look” going. Well that is a bit of fantasy but you know what I mean. I need to cast out the winter woollies and winter blues and get ready for spring.


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Sue, You need to start a move on ....get those clothes sorted and packed and unpacked. Yes, summer. that is a great time of year. It is starting to storm here.

We were summer all year long here in houston, Texas.


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Sue: you and Ray had quite the weekend didn't you? I am glad your families visited and the visit was enjoyable. Quite a nice way to kick off the spring season I would say. Funny because here in Connecticut we had a true fall preview-lots of rain, which we need but very cool and breezy. Had to go find a sweatshirt. So while you are going into your pastels and lighter weights, I will be looking for my woolies and flannel PJs. Hope to talk to you on Tuesday. Debbie

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