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Post stroke denial



I am new to this website, but have read many of your experiences with stroke and find this to be very comforting and informative. My Dad had a stroke in april of this year, he is 61 (I am 32). I would like to know any of your experiences with post stroke denial, where the stroke survivor really feels that they can do something that they cant. I dont want to discourage him, but his ideas and plans are not even close to what he can safely accomplish. For example: my Dad is home now and still requires 2 people to transfer him. He has a significant left sided neglect (wont notice anything on the left side of his plate). There is no possible way right now that he could drive, but he insists that he can and is getting angry at my step-mom and my brother that they wont let him drive. (I live 3 hrs away). Does this kind of denial get better? Just trying to figure out how we are going to manage, and would like to hear of any of your experiences with this.

Thank you!



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Sara, I always used to use the phrase: "you can drive when the doctor says you can", did this for two years then the neurologist finally told Ray he couldn't drive...what a dreadful blow that was to him too.


It is not easy dealing with a person with denial as you cannot reason with a person that is being unreasonable. On the other hand this has been a difficult change for him as well as for the family and so far he is probably just defending his right to his freedom and his former way of life so just be as understanding of that as you can be.



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Thanks for your reply Sue! I will definitely start deferring to the doctor as far as "when" Dad can drive again. It is hard to balance being optimistic with my Dad about things he wants to get back to doing with giving him some realistic insight to his vast deficits. I dont want him to ever lose hope, but its hard when he wants to do so many things that he cant yet do. I appreciate your input.


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i remember wanting to call in sick for work and casually saying that I would off sick for about a week. I was set on returning to work even 6 months after my stroke I was in rehab for 3 months just learning walk. It was only when my employee insurance rep came to visit that I realized that I would not be going back to work at all.

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