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I'm new at this "blog" thing.... We moved in with inlaw to take 24 hr care. Its been a rollercoaster ride of physical and mental emotions and breakdowns especially in the beginning. We sold our house and moved in and in the beginning it was "different" but things are getting more comfortable. My inlaw has come a long way in the recovery of the stroke and i know there is a long road ahead. I hope I have the strength and courage to keep going like my inlaw has instead of giving up. I wish more people would come visit my inlaw its sad but thats another problem for a different day God only knows that answer. I've learned so much in these past few months with teaching, listening (trying to decipher what is said), and just being there. I try hobbies but cant quite find the right one for us to do. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks to this website. :)


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Welcome to the blogworld Paws. I am sure as you read more and more you will get to know us better and as you blog and post we will get to know you.


Being a caregiver can be a lonely and difficult journey but as there are two of you you can lean on each other. Do take care of yourself and your partner as well as your care recipient. You need to go the distance too.



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Visiting and talking with friends here may begin to become a hobby of sorts, In doing so you'll begin to see what others do to cope with how stroke has altered their lives, and come to understand with some modification you guys can do most anything. Sue is a prime example.


Before you know it you will be too, and looking back in amazement at how far you've come.



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