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bits n pieces and finally a surgery date



My bride finally has a surgery date. On September 22 she will get her head back together (cranioplasty) with a prosthetic scull portion made of methylacrylate (fancy name for a hybrid acrylic). She had a micro scan of her scull done around a month ago, then wait and wait and wait for Medicare and insurance approvals and finally to a manufacturer. All the while Bernie has been in slight decline in all areas, eating, walking and every other form. We are both happy and scared that the date is finally set. We pray for the surgeons now, and thankful it's in the middle of the week. You know the Monday and Friday syndrome.


A funny thing happened today. We had an appointment with the Therapist / Counselor, so along with getting Bernie's shower taken care of I suggested to her that she brush her teeth again and then rinse again using the Water Pic to get any stray chocolate chip cookie residue out (good idea right). Well I prepped the Water Pic with warm water and handed it to her. The rinsing was going just fine till about half way through. Bernie pulled the Water Pic out of her mouth (still half full) without shutting it off and before I knew it I caught the first gush in the eye while she was handing it to me (lucky I had my glasses on). The next few outflows pushed their way into an open medicine cabinet, heck by the time I got it under control and turned off we were both cracking up and the bathroom was pretty well sprayed. We said the hell with it and walked out. It's funny, how a lot things like that don't bother me anymore.


Till next time




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Mike: I call them our new intimate times. Things that you enjoy together, like an inside joke. Little gifts given to both of you. I remember back several months ago a PT offered to get a CNA to assist me helping Bruce with his after swim shower. I politely declined. I said Annette it is one of those rare intimate times we now share. I am so glad you have your date. I have marked my calendar here and will be checking in with you that week. Yes, scarey but also a big relief. Debbie

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So the Water Pic was to get th stray chocolate chip cookie residue out of her teeth or your eye? just checking.


Glad the date is set. Once it's over and done with will be a huge relief. Bear in mind many of us have been though craniotomies, myself included. While any kind of brain surgery is not exactly having an ingrown toe nail removed, those guys really know what they're doing. Only the best of the best have what it takes to become neurosurgeons.


She'll be just fine and before you know it, it'll be over. Then you guys can get matching goggles and have an all out Water Pic fight til you flood the bathroom.



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You are funny. Lots of things do not bother me. Just getting things done is such an accoplishment. I will keep you and Bernie in my prayers for the upcoming surgery.

Wm does not like brushing his teeth. The waterpic is not an issue here.


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are you sure it wasn't intentional? your bride seems like naughty person. My son did same thing to me when I was making him use waterpic for his braces. you both will be in my thoughts and prayers for Bernie's surgery. You both are so fortunate to have each other in their life



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i busted my water pik last june while having that blackout. :( Oh, well. that moment, cracking up, is precious. I wish you and bernie the very best. :D

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Thank you all for your prayers and wishes on Bernie's upcoming surgery. Frankly I wish the surgery was tomorrow because Bernie is still declining. There is a syndrome called "Syndrome of the Trephined" (laymen term "sinking flap syndrome") the lack of flow of fluid and space around the brain because the scull portion is missing. It can bring on some of the symptoms of decline that she is experiencing. The lack of CranioSpinalFluid (CSF) around the brain can also create havoc including loss of motor movement. The reports I've read say that reversal of the trend is common after the cranioplasty, we're hoping anyway. Bless you guys, Mike

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Ew! That sounds nasty. I hope Bernie will improve after the flap repair. I hope she's not feeling too bad. You and Bernie are in my thoughts and prayers. :friends:

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My prayers goes out to her for a smooth operation to get her back together and operating better. I almost had the same thing done but it was called off by the doctors at the last minute. Today, I'm thankful!

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Dear Mike,


Thank you so much for posting - I am anxiously awaiting your update and hoping all went well! Hoping too that you see a reversal in the declines you mention. I understand the anticipation, as Fred (my hubby) is still awaiting a date for his replacement. We see the neurosurgeon on the fisrt of October, so hopefully he will be able to give us the date then.

Keeping you and Bernie in my prayers....


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