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Do I really care about my weight?



I struggle.every day wondering if I should care what I look like. Before stroke, I looked good to others but not sure I looked good to myself (always thinking I could look better). Not moving for a year and eating to make it thru a day I put on lots of weight. Luckly I am now able to walk and do the treadmill for 30 minutes a day, the problem being that is about all the energy I have for the day. I went on nutra system and lost 30 lbs then took a break. I am now going back on this to try and lose another 30', 2nd time though is harder because it is no fun and now I know what to expect. I feel bad for my husband of 31 years, he sees that people look at me and think fat slob, is this fair to him. He says he doesn't care but I'm not even sure how I feel. On a good note we are off to New Orleans for the week, before our diet(he is doing it with me). I don't want to put on more weight but it is the city of food. Does any one else go thru this?


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hey Barron:


I think maintaining healthy weight for us stroke survivors is better in a long run for everybody. Post stroke I never care about my weight, but as I grow older loosing becomes challenge, so I m trying to maintain my healthy weight my portion control & exercise.



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Maintaining weight can be very difficult for stroke survivors. Many on this site (including myself) have struggled with weight. It can be very difficult exercising. And easy to eat too much.


What finally convinced me to become serious about weight loss was when my doctor told me last March my glucose was edging up and that I needed to lose weight. My father was a diabetic so there is a family disposition toward diabetes. His mother and her father also were diabetic. I lost 30 pounds and my glucose level is back to normal.


I found one of the keys was figuring out how to exercise twice a day. I walk for a hour at 6:30 am and ride the stationary bike for 20 minutes at 6pm. The reason for exercising twice a day is that it raises your metabolism.


I have also really been watching what I eat. One has be diligent about it. It is often not easy to say no. One thing I did was buy a cookbook which uses Splenda in all 375 recipes. Not only are the recipes helpful, but the intro gives lots of data on healthy eating.


Think bout losing weight for your health. It is usually a lot easier to lose weight for yourself rather than someone else.

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Barron, Ditto for me on what Lin said. Post stroke I realized I could not put weight watching any longer, so I started walking and got up to 1 hour a day. I also have developed diabetics and doing the walking has helped me get off the meds. I found that I were not eating breakfast so I started having oatmeal. This starts my day a lot less starving threw the day. I have managed to loose 90lbs. and still loosing.

Your new cookbook sound good. Maybe you will share some of those recipe you test out good.

Good luck in the next part of your journey. Hugs to you.


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