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We won! They told me the vote was 7 to 1 and from almost very state in the U<S> There is absolutely no way I won without your help. And, thank you o everyone at SN.W


What has been really neat and a compliment to you is that I knew during the voting period that you were my cheerleader. It means so much to me.


When your wife has vacation time, you come on up! We are a beautiful river city and I will gladly take you around to explore. We have a bedroom waiting with your name on it!!


I will definitely have pics taken and posted. THANK YOU.


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:congrats: Stessie you truly deserve the day of pampering. you have been through lot in recent years, and shown everybody courage & strength lies within you. please pot pictures we would love to see you.




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Good morning Stessie, I'm so proud of you for letting the members know and our votes counted. Congratulations a thousand times over. Take a breather, relax and get ready for the makeover you rightly deserve.


I'll never see how the count was 7 to 1, unless that's hundreds, cause I know I hit the keys many, many times each day myself. "You're a winner and survivor twice over!


I will sure try to make it to the square in October then on to Fort Benning, Georgia for a reunion of the Army Marksmanship Unit the next week. I have made that drive so many years from Benning to Camp Perry for the national championships every year until I retired in 1979 at Fort Benning, Ga.


I'm happy for you lady! :happydance:

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WAY TO GO GIRL :happydance: I looked at the Cincinnati web site to vote again and couldn't find any reference :yeahrite: I'm happy you let us all know the results - 7 to 1 - that is way cool !! Keep us posted on what your "make-over" will be all about. You are stronger and braver than you think you are !! Hugs, Leah

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Congratulations. A landslide. Yes you had strokeboard behind you all the way. Yes, Fred encouraged me and I was voting .....

Can't wait for the pics.


I am so happy for you.


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Omg! That's so freaking awesome! And I voted! I'm so happy to see that my vote has made a difference. :bouncing_off_wall: :Clap-Hands: :happydance: :You-Rock:

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