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Just Tryin'



I wish I knew what I'm doing wrong with this blog! When I'm finished, it should read out right away...I don't think you should have to direct it to do so. Anyway...my eyesight is getting worse, my doc's appt is Friday and I'm so afraid that he's going to tell me I have cataracts that must be removed and I'm terrified of having to go thru surgery and take care of all those eye drops and stuff.

I'm not having a good time this weekl just can't get myself in gear to do anything....all I want to do is sleep....classic signs of depression. But I'm so tired of "being strong" and forcing myself to do things on my own. i want to be able to walk across the floor without having to hold on to something....I want to be able to type and do some writing without constantly correcting what I type, I want to be able to do my laundry and actually sit up in bed like I used to....Today I'm a whiner....And I know all this will come back in time....but today I just want to moan and feel sorry for Anne.

I'm trying to look at how far I've already come and get a positive attitude once again - I guess it's just today..

So just ignore all the crappy stuff and know I'm still just trying.

Stay well, my friends.


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It sounds like your Blog settings that you control. There is a publish or draft setting on your page, only you can see! Also if you approve to see comments right away or wait until you have approved the comments made to your blog. I checked my blog to see them as they make the comment.


If you type it and publish is not checked, it ends up as a draft waiting to be published by you. That's located at the bottom of that page. Go to your blog settings and read around in there, you'll see what I'm talking about.


I bet we've all done that when we first started blogging. Also to make the smiley faces work in blog you have to check that too, if not and you use one, it won't activate (move) as it should. Hope this helps, it's not you! You are OK!



You're doing great, once you set your settings you are on the road again!

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Annie: As our Bonnie says "it is OK to sit on the pity pot" as long as you what? I have been whining the last two nights, I think I probably should flush at this point. It was a beautiful fall day here in Connecticut. A perfect day to go see a high school or college football game, just sit in the sun and all my Bruce wanted to do was watch TV. Have a fun day soon Annie. Just go sit in a park and have a coffee or tea and just enjoy. Don't think about walking, typing, laundry and what you can and can not yet do. Put the checklist aside and just enjoy some free time. Debbie

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