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Autumn is strange for me. I get depressed (my Mom thinks it is because the days get shorter. The world smells dry and everything crunches. I am feeling good right now. It has been a good week. I might even write a poem or something.


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Writing a poem would be good. I do that from time to time when other forms of expression do not seem adequate.


I get depressed mid-winter, we call it the S.A.D season, when people suffer from the low light, the short days and long nights and circadian rhythmns change drastically. The answer is bright lights, warmth and comfort foods. And a purring cat and a hot chocolate help too...lol.


Spring for us so I am rejuvenating here. It is a busy season though and so many changes to get used to again. Not to mention the lead up to Christmas being in the middle of the beach weather here.


Thinking of you and hoping you're able to adjust and make the most of your days. remember Vitamin D too to boost your immune system (that is supposed to help).



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hey Emily:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. If you blog consistently you will find it is very therupetic. I credit writing & reading blogs as my key to get off from my antidepressant pills and able to enjoy life one more time. I feel short days can be catalyst in feeling down. but slowly I have learned to watch my thoughts and make sure I don't go in downward spiral, so I watch my thoughts like hawk lol



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welcomeemily to the wonderful world of blogging and that was a very good blog i always find that blogging is so theraputic but you are right about autaum, thank you for a lovely blog emily and now i hope that you do write a poem i would love to read a poem from you all the best to you emily and keep on blogging and write a poem

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