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I am Back, Very Tired, Not Settled Down Yet



Many of you know where I been for about two weeks and more. I thank you, my wife Marion, thanks you too. It was very hard for her to loose her mom, they talked every day. Her mom told her she was waiting until she got to New Orleans and she did. They held hands when she passed at the home of her baby daughter and all her children, most of the grand kids and the entire family was right there.


She lived a long life, made 84 on 8 August and passed 16 October. She's in a better place now and all of us have accepted that fact to ease the pain of losing her.


Funerals in New Orleans are a bit different than what I'm used to in Texas. It was like a Jazz time at the church, all the family sang songs and danced while the casket remained open. All the great grand children gave a little speech on how they loved their granny. She was truly the patriot of the family.


You may remember their dad passed 5 years ago just before Katrina made land fall while being moved to higher ground from a nursing home in the lower Ninth Ward which was severely flooded. Some of those people were at her funeral recounting their long years she was one of them.


There were many wheel chairs, walkers, crutches and cane users in the church, I was not alone among those who could not walk very fast. Everything was slowed down so it consumed hours to finish at the cemetery where no cars were allowed inside. The body was carried by the pall bearers from the street to grave site.


Losing a loved one is hard for everyone and especially a mother figure. I guess girls are closer to mom than to dad in some cases. This was one of those cases as my wife took her passing very hard. Each daughter (4) of them got a figurine from the casket to keep forever!


Now, the both of us, got each other as our parents are gone but not forgotten! We have our children and grands to be proud of, and in my case, three great grands too! Life is something we should all cherish and want to live it to the fullest while we are here on earth.


Again, thanks members for your prayers, thoughts and condolences, it meant so much to us! We thank you from our hearts, may God bless each of you!


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My condolences & prayers go out for your your family. loosing loved ones is hard blow to deal with, though knowing she is at much better place does give comfort. I hope and pray you remember all the good times you had with your mother-in-law & keep her memories alive in your heart.




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