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2010 top stroke blogs



Know-Stroke.org http://knowstrokeblo...rapy-coach.com/


Surviving a Stroke http://survivingastroke.blogspot.com/


The Stroke Recovery Blog http://recoverfromstroke.blogspot.com/ Peter Levines' blog, you have to read all his entries.


Barb’s Recovery http://barbpolansrec...y.blogspot.com/


Recovering Stroke Survivor http://lori-recoveri...r.blogspot.com/ I'm not sure what language this one is in but Ill figure it out eventually.


Stroke of Faith http://stroke-of-faith.blogspot.com/


So what are you doing reading this one?

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Hey Dean, maybe it is because I am the Blog Monitor here I am reading this one eh? Thank you for alerting members to other blogs you like.


I know for myself on here I have read blogs over a period of five years and some of these people are like old friends and I want to be with them in their ups and downs and comment on how they are doing and support them in any way I can.


For me getting to know one person well is better than reading the biography of many.



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