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Fall time.



Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Holidays are not my favorite time of the year.

I have no family hear. It's just another day.

The other week my vehicle was broken into again. They broke the rear driver side passenger window.

Their was nothing in the car worth taking. Went and got it repaired. Carl decided to get a chain and lock

for the fence and lock the gate every night . I just don't understand why thieves do this.

I thought having privacy windows it won't happen again. I was wrong.

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Jeannie, so sorry to hear your car has been broken into again. When it happened to us I got paranoid for a while about where I parked it, making sure I locked it etc.


All the talk of holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas etc is hard for those who don't have family close. I know widows who find Fathers Day stressful too. I guess you just have to make up traditions that suit you as a couple to make it special in your own way. Maybe wear red pajamas and eat chocolate for breakfast?


Love your blogs, glad to see you back blogging again.



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