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a slow day



I had a slow day today. I didn’t intend to, it just happened. A slow day is like those road bumps that slow you down and give you a chance to look at the scenery for a change.


I meant to go see Mum, go to the dementia support group, do some shopping etc…the busy Sue day. But instead I realised the Market Day was on in the lounge area of the nursing home so went there first. I met up with two of a trio of ladies I called the three musketeers, ladies with husbands with dementia who all visited the same day. They are all widows now and had come over just to meet up for lunch. The two I encountered were delighted to see me and suggested we have morning coffee and cupcakes together; an hour stretched to almost two before I finally went to see Mum.


Mum was droopy today, like a jellyfish. I went to the nurses station and asked them to put her into a wheelchair (she is two person assist) and then took her back to the fete where she met up with some of the girls who used to look after her at the Lodge, lovely to see her smile when she heard familiar voices. The aides do miss those who transfer to another section and it was good to see her flicker of recognition of a couple of them.


I also took her out in the grounds for twenty minutes or so of fresh air and sunshine. She turned her head when she heard parrots in the trees and once when a car went by quite close to us. It was good to see some reactions from her as she shows very little interaction with reality now. She is not able to communicate in any way recognisable now. It is so sad, she is such a dear little thing, now so tiny and vulnerable.


Then I went shopping, bought myself some lunch and had another coffee. Slowly did some browsing around. Funny how some days can be like that, no worries, no particular cares, just a day of leisurely activities. And the shopping centre was full of people feverishly shopping and that didn’t at all affect my enjoyment of the day.


Ray had a finger food lunch at his Scallywags group this afternoon. This was the last meeting for the year so they had something special. The WAGS (stroke support group) party is tomorrow 11am – 4pm so there will be good food and conversation and FUN. There is always groups of women dancing too so I will join in and not worry about what I look like back view…lol. Most of our men folk have trouble just standing so dancing is not usually an option.


It is a strange time, this time before Christmas in Australia. It is, the end of the working year, the end of school for some, the end of year for groups, and the final meetings. There is about six to eight weeks before most groups start up again, so anything can happen in that time. Summer has a certain insecurity about it too as in some cases by the time we get back together some people will have changed in some ways.


This was our least busy week, next week is full and overflowing and the following week is too, but hopefully we will both have enough energy to see through all we have to do.


I have the Christmas cards almost done so if you want me to send you one you had better send me a PM with your address…lol…before it is too late.


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that's what I call flow with life, when opportunity comes up to socialize just grab opportunity. chores can wait & usually if its not done its not end of the world. I feel when you flow with life, it makes doing other responsibilities also much more pleasant. glad you have parties to attend that means you are friend to many



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I too so enjoy a "slow" day when I am so blessed. Mine have become Sunday since the newpaper is delivered later and I can sleep in an extra hour. Then the pace for the day seems to even out and there is relaxation time to just enjoy a movie or a good book.


I am happy for the positive report on your Mum. I know it was mainly because you were there and taking over her care for a bit but I would say both of you enjoyed the visit. It is good to know she is still attuned to life and all its wonders.


Nice to have met up with some friends and just enjoy some quiet time. I do so miss conversation and with going back to work and our darling Carl who visits every Friday, I now have that interaction.


Good week and enjoy. Debbie

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A slow day yay!!. I seem to get a lot of slow days. If I go out shopping one day, the next day is a slow day and if I clean house, again a slow day follows. This schedule works for me as shopping and cleaning takes a lot out of me. Have a great xmas Sue and off I go. Today is a shopping day so maybe on my slow day I can comment properly on the message board and on the blogs.



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