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REM sleep and stroke fatigue



A theory of mine, I don't think I have dreamed since my event and was wondering if that was causing some of my fatigue. As the episode Night Terrors in Star Trek Next Generation shows what happens when you don't dream. Please respond if you have or have not dreamed and list the fatigue you have. I can easily fall asleep anytime during the day even with 12 hours of sleep.


SYMPTOMS: A person lacking REM sleep will show all the general symptoms of sleep deprivation, such as reduced productivity in the workplace, daytime sleepiness, and not handling stress well. Losing REM sleep makes people more sensitive to pain, too. In addition, REM sleep seems to be necessary for verbal skills. A lack of it will cause a person to not be as creative in using language, and they will not do too well on language tests.


As both these articles state; The success of a stroke patients rehabilitation plan is heavily dependent on sleep.






What are your dreams like and do you have them? Do you dream pre-stroke or after stroke abilities? :cloud9: :2cents:

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Guest lwisman


For several years following my stroke I did not dream. It was suggested to me that maybe I did dream, but just did not remember. Who knows??


I now dream, but not as much as I did before my stroke.


It is not unusual for those who have had strokes to feel fatigued. I get tired easily even 13 years later.

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