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Misplacing my change purse



I don't carry a purse over my shoulder, instead for years I carried a change purse in my pocket. Now that I use a cane I have only one hand free. My change purse is a little bigger than a credit card. It holds my credit cards, the money I "don't have", and the change, "is all I have" lol :yukyukyuk:

Carl and I were out and about and stopped for lunch at a new place for lunch. This was a Chinese like you find in the mall. Great lunch and very inexpensive. Took half of it home for later. I got up to as usual to use their restroom. After that we left. On to our next stop, the chiropractor for Carl. After Carl was taken in for his adjustment I reach for my cange purse and "it's not their in my pocket" Oh no did it fall out of my pocket at the resturant, do we have to drive back their. At that moment It cam to me I have the reciept I'll have a phone number and call them first. :Clap-Hands: ya! They found the change purse on the floor after we had left.

Carl is upset with me for loosing my change purse. But, I'm also mad at my self for misplacing my change purse.

Carl drives back to the restaurant. Carl is upset with me but wants me to figure out how I can stop from loosing my change purse.

Carl is right and I think a hardware store would have those round cylinders that you can hang on your pants and had a retractable change and you won't loose your keys every again.

Problem solved. It's called a key reel. I can just pull out my keys out of my pocket while it's still attached to my pants by a clip. I can start the car, open the front door and my keys retract.

This is great. This problem has been a pain in my a**. No more. I have to thank Carl for his help to solving this problem of mine which in turn ending up being his problem for he had to drive me. We have been both blessed. Happy Holidays!


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hey Jeannie:


congrats you found your purse & solved your problem of not loosing it again. I wish you happy Holidays & Merry Christmas too.



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Jeannie: nice save on both your parts. You were working as a team and what a wonderful feeling that must have been, after the anxiety was resolved. I love those little moments of intimacy and the reconnecting with my main man.


And what a cute little toy you now have to play with! Happy Holidays, Debbie

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