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"The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives."...Albert Schweitzer...His story follows!





I met with a young man once who knew his life was not where it should be. He knew that some of the things he was doing were wrong, and he knew that turning from these things and following Christ was not only the best answer, but also his only answer.


The sad part about his meeting, and many others like it, was the fact that the young man just wasn't willing to give up what he knew was wrong and would never last. His answer was typical, "I'm scared I won't have anymore fun."


This struggle between the immediate pleasures of this world and the delayed eternal pleasures of heaven have been warring in the hearts of men since the Garden of Eden. That was surely the beginning. Why is it so hard to choose right, to choose good, or to choose Christ to follow?...the end...Of his story.


Now I say...

We've all had kids who struggle with right or wrong at an age when thay can't seem to figure out which way to go, right or left! The same facts bothers the man and woman in the world right today more than ever it seems.


Most of us go a long time before we even think of Christianity and right or wrong even when we know the difference. We want pleasure as we call it, right now, not tomorrow. We become a dead man walking! Sooner or later we are in trouble with the law and before we realize it we're in deep troubles.


It's at that time we realize that path of walking is not what we want. We start to turn our lives around and turn to God. We want him in our hearts to guide us. Things start to go right, about that time we start to take chances of doing wrong little by little until somehow we are back at square one, in trouble!


Do you know that there were no perfect humans, all of us have sinned, born in sin and prefer sin along the way in our lives for a long, long time. For that reason the church goers today have been on the wrong side of righteous living and believing. After a while they come to the end of the road and make a decision to give their lives to God. They attend church after joining for a long time. Their lives take a turn for better.


So, I say before that time we are just dead men walking looking for the sight of earthly pleasures. Well, I and my family have both found God for many years now! That makes me know God wanted me to have a better life. I feel good about having my stroke and living with what I got left. I feel somewhere along the way had this not happened, I could have met destruction.


My wife is beside me in our life's journey, that is more than I can say before this marriage. Having a stroke just slowed me down, not stopped my living, so I want to tell you all, I am a prayer warrior for the Lord! We all shall change one day!


I'm so proud to be in a country where we have a freedom of choice in religions, accepting Christ and many other freedoms. We can take it or leave it, nobody will care!


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Fred, God with a Father's heart always cares. So glad you and your household follow in God's ways.


I am so glad you blogged this, you have a preacher's heart.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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loved your blog & I agree with you compltly about stroke. I feel the same way about it, my stroke just slowed me down & made me appreciate my wonderful life and family. I feel life still goes on, its just little different, but still great.



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:happydance: Asha,


Look at all the airline travelers who got stranded in the terminals and those overseas who had to seep anyplace they could find. I bet if they had been handicap with a stroke, they would have said, this time, I'll stay home!


The things we feel we are missing really is not the case, we're OK! :big_grin:

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