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Leah's Update

AZ Leah


I wanted to give you a quick medical update on me. My last MRI showed increased pleua, the fluid lining the outside of the lungs and the chest wall. This is what most likely is causing my shortness of breath. Tomorrow I have an outpatient procedure at the hospital call a thoracentesis where they will aspirate the fluid guided by a sonagram and hopefull get it all. They go through the back and I hear it doesn't hurt; it's anethesized first. I have to have this done prior to my surgery on Jan 13 (for spinal stenosis) and I hope it will be a "go".

I'll keep you posted. Mon. is my post-op. I hope this will rid the pain so I can get back to full exercise for my stroke. I've lost a lot of strength, but those who know me have faith and I have faith in the one who counts: G O D. Leah


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Leah, you are one brave lady, always trying to get back to the exercises. I'll pray that the operation goes on as planned on January 13th ( my daughter's birthday)and you really benefit from it.


I 'd like you to feel these couple of nice warm hugs I am sending you (((hugs))).



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you will be in my thoughts and prayers for succesful surgery so that you can start back on your exercise. hey I have been reading great book, it was suggested by Oprah & it's very good spiritual book "facing the lion being the lion" by Mark Nepo

please keep us updated as soon as you can. we will be thinking of you.




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Leah you are in my prayers for a succesful surgery It seems many of us facing new and different challenges All we can do is give each day the best shot we have Hugs to you and get to feeling better so you can really spring back from your up coming surgery in January. I am hoping we can get Bill into surgery yet this month I want that cancer out of him NOW. Gods will be done Love Karen

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Thank you Sue, Asha and Karen for your words and prayers. They aspirated 750cc out of the plura of my right lung on Friday. Dr. said that was 1/3 of the size of my lung. Actually I had a compressed lung which wasn't able to work. When it fills back up with air the dr. said I should feel more energy. Of course, we know what stroke does to stamina. Tomorrow is pre-op. Then operation. I know everyone is praying and hopes it works and even helps my left (affected) leg. I AM READY!! Should only be in hospital 1-2 nights, then recup at home (slowly) til stitches come out in 5-6 weeks. I will life by the addage of one day at a time and commit yourself unto the Lord and miracles can happen. Hugs, Leah

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