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rowing and stroke rehab



We have a rowing machine in our basement, sometimes called an ergometer. This past week I started using it again. The various therapies involved are turning on two light switches with my affected hand, it looks ugly but what the hell. Walking down the steps does still require that I put my good hand against the wall as I come down. My form on the rower is pretty much straight-armed, this is on purpose, to lessen and counteract the spasticity of my left arm. I do still use the spasticity of my curled left fingers to keep a grasp on the handle. The back and forth on the slide strengthens my quads and the slide up works my hamstrings. Currently only doing 750 meters. I'll work my way up to the race length of 2500 meters in the next couple of weeks. After I am done with my workout I just use my left leg to go back and forth on the slide, mainly to get the hamstring working better. :Beer-Chug:

I tried this at the gym, but most of the other persons on the rowers are trying too hard and grunting while doing it. :bouncing_off_wall: :tired:


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Good for you Dean, you always find a way of exercising. I think it is good if you can use a machine at home rather than at the gym as you can use it any time you want to.


I like the way you set goals and will be waiting to hear if you do get to the 2500 metres in a week or two.



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way to go Dean. I've lost strenth because I didn't work out wheb I had a bad episode with spinal stenosis. Now back to my trainer. I hate working out. I wiah I could wave a magic want and get all better with no work!!

Miracles don't happen that way. Keep it up You are inspiring me. Leah

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Dean: we all find our way and what I love most about you is you are not afraid to try. I so wish I had that here. The bicycle for the arm-hand and foot-let worked so well for Bruce, but he no longer tries. Never mind the trying too hard and grunting. You are not trying to get "ripped"-lol. Thanks for the encouragement as usual. Debbie

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You are not trying to get "ripped"-lol.

But Debbie I am trying to get 'ripped'. You know those balloon-headed aliens on science-fiction shows. I figure I will be able to start looking like them if I work at this enough. That would really appeal to those working out at the gym. Especially those pulsing veins on the forehead, that would look good with my baldness. :roflmao:


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